Monday, 28 January 2013

Heroes of Newerth now going to be a new version, 3.0. For you guys that playing HoN and didn't know what is happening, u gotta see the trailer/video for the new HoN 3.0. It comes with a whole new thing, except for the heroes. New map graphic and design, towers, terrains. I was hoping the heroes could do some changes. ahaks ...that doesn't matter coz its already okay for me.

The latest hero in HoN is Bushwack. Recently when i play, not many people play Bushwack compare to Lodestone when his available in HoN. Bushwack is a range agility hero that can become carry in the game. With the skill to dodge if time correctly and skill that can slow the enemies, with the right guide Bushwack can own a game. Lodestone is another tank hero that kinda imba. hahahah. Seriously, his skill that can absorb damage and release to aoe as damage and can throw his drill to target location and jump to it and stun heroes that get hit. Lodestone can sure tank the whole game, same goes to Lord Salforis when he came to HoN. Lord can tank the hell out of anyone. hahahaha..

Thats all from me. will keep posting in nearby time. chowz

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