Monday, 28 January 2013

Heroes of Newerth now going to be a new version, 3.0. For you guys that playing HoN and didn't know what is happening, u gotta see the trailer/video for the new HoN 3.0. It comes with a whole new thing, except for the heroes. New map graphic and design, towers, terrains. I was hoping the heroes could do some changes. ahaks ...that doesn't matter coz its already okay for me.

The latest hero in HoN is Bushwack. Recently when i play, not many people play Bushwack compare to Lodestone when his available in HoN. Bushwack is a range agility hero that can become carry in the game. With the skill to dodge if time correctly and skill that can slow the enemies, with the right guide Bushwack can own a game. Lodestone is another tank hero that kinda imba. hahahah. Seriously, his skill that can absorb damage and release to aoe as damage and can throw his drill to target location and jump to it and stun heroes that get hit. Lodestone can sure tank the whole game, same goes to Lord Salforis when he came to HoN. Lord can tank the hell out of anyone. hahahaha..

Thats all from me. will keep posting in nearby time. chowz

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

hello again. its been awhile since my last post .so for now I think it would be better for me to post a small post but in short time ,rather than i keep it in 1 load and post it a few month later. LOL

okay ...lately I've been playing league of legends and heroes of newerth. I maybe not the pro or best player there is , but I feel kinda frustrated when playing with some bunch of noob. I mean a real noob, that doesn't know how to support others or telling if there's any hero gone missing, and the most important thing is feed them.sigh. and from that will lead us to defeat.

I'm just like any other player who doesn't like to lose ,but not that I doesn't like to lose at all. it's a fact that in every game ,one side will lose and the other will win. For me, if I lose with dignity or with honour, it's fine with me. But if I lose with shame, then it will piss me off.

nonetheless, a game is still a game. I just need to improve more of myself. huhuhu ...but still future still need to maintain, can't play games all day long

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

it's been ages since my last post, i won't post any tips for game play, but i will share something.
As you all know that DoTA 2 has been released and it getting popular, but with the beta key and all, i'm not into that game yet ..hahaha ..still playing with DoTA , and recently i'm kinda addicted to League of Legend (LoL)'s kind similar to DoTA but with a different style of game play, different terrain and game mode. Although the graphic look kinda childish but it doesn't matter to me. As long the game is good to play, i will play it ^_^

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) now has a new mode of game play that is 'MidWars' ..aha ...yes, as the name of mode tell us already. It's a middle lane war only , that's mean 5 heroes will clash and battle only in the mid lane. Wow ...that's will be many epic and great war, as well as noob style play ...just saying ..

well ,that's all for now , for i'm kinda busy with my final year semester ..just a few weeks to getting my diploma finish ..huhuhu ...just drop any kind of comment or share some suggestion and idea, will reply it as soon as i can ..peace ^^

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

status update

its been ages since my last post on this blog ...sorry2 ...hahahaha i still playing DoTA ? yeah ...i'm still playing and starting to becoming pro ..LOL ...and now i play new games that also becoming my addiction ..that is Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and Leauge of Legends (LoL) ...

HoN overview and features
Players in Heroes of Newerth control a single character in a 3/4 perspective, fantasy-based world. HoN focuses on hero control and development, and remove the trouble of common RTS games  such as base management, resource collection and army building. Currently there are a total of sixty heroes consisting of thirty for each faction, the Legion and the Hellbourne. Most of the heroes now are based on the popular game Defense of the Ancients. More heroes will be available in upcoming patches.

  • Matchmaking System
    Matchmaking System
    Get matched with similar players if you are playing yourself or with a team of friends.
  • Game Reconnection
    Game Reconnection
    Games are no longer ruined when a player is disconnected! Players that are disconnected, can rejoin the game.
  • Stat Tracking
    Stat Tracking
    Many statistics are tracked automatically by the game. Access an enourmous amount of valuable data online or in-game.
  • Leavers Protection
    Leavers Protection
    Create and play in restricted games that can not be joined by players with a history of leaving games early.
  • Diverse Heroes
    Diverse Heroes
    Play with heroes new to HoN as well as many of the best heroes you are already familiar with.
  • Client-Server Netcode
    Client-Server Netcode
    No lag for all players when one player has a connection issue!
  • Ladder Rankings
    Ladder Rankings
    Player and clan ladders are automatically updated by the game. See where you rank against the competition.
  • Re-bindable Hotkeys
    Re-bindable Hotkeys
    Bind custom hotkeys for almost every command in the game, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Custom Map Editor
    Custom Map Editor
    Create new maps, or even new games with the included map editor.
  • Built-in VOIP
    Built-in VOIP
    No need for an external voice chat program. Voice chat is incorporated into the HoN engine.\

Monday, 7 November 2011

Tip of the Day

Shadow Grave of Dazzle or Guardian Angel of Omniknight cannot help Goblin Techies survive from suiciding.

so for those techies player, tell your friend dont cast Shadow Grave or Guardian Angel if you wanna suicide at other heroes =)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tip of the Day

sorry guys for the long disappearance a lot of problem lately. so here a tip for u guys

Using Ghost scepter while being affected by Venomancer's Poison Nova will remove the buff. Using it before will not prevent you from getting the buff.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Guide for Noobs

The Task You Are Undertaking.

Welcome to DotA.

You suck, and you are going to be constantly reminded of this fact for about 6-9 months (if you learn). If you read this guide and use your brain and be actively aware of how bad you suck, you can easily shave 3-6 months off of your complete noob status. You could even play easy mode(em) and make some kids think that you’re really good, but only if they are bad.

Unfortunately, DotA has a massive learning curve.

You need to play each of the 104 heroes at least once each to have basic understanding of the power levels of each hero.

Each game takes on average 30-50 minutes. Prepare to play a lot of DotA. If you want to cut this down, go to websites and read hero skills and guides, and from there you should get basic ideas of how to play these heroes.

You are going to have to learn items, strategies, laning combos, abbreviations, and MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TEAMWORK.

However, I promise that once you get the basics down, and you start playing casually with your friends, that you are going to have a TON load of fun.

There is no grinding for weeks to get that gear you want like in an MMO. Rolling a new hero is as easy as playing one game, and each game you can go different skill/item builds with different team setups.

Basically, it is going to take a really long time to get bored with this game. Every game is different. I’ve spent about 3+ years of my full gaming time focused on DotA, and I cannot wait for DOTA 2 to get released.

You may be interested in playing Heroes of Newerth(HoN) or League of Legends(LoL), but no developer is better than Ice Frog. He has been working on DotA since 2005 with no income and no release of his real name(until DOTA 2!). DotA has way more heroes than either of these games, and as soon as it gets ported to DOTA 2, the only thing DotA is lacking(graphics and matchmaking) will immediately be resolved, and some added features that have been promised to be implemented will make anyone hard pressed to choose the other games.

I see no reason to pick HoN or LoL, and please, never mention Storm of the Imperial Sanctum ever again, unless you want to try playing DotA circa 2004 with good graphics and a tiny map.

How to Survive Bnet and Learning Dota with Emotions in Tact, as a Noob.

You are going to feed. You are going to ruin games, and someone is going to be happy to tell you why. As far as I’m concerned, Warcraft3 customs has the most bad mannered, whining, assholes on the gaming internet. The only thing that comes close is Xbox Live.

You are going to have to have thick skin to play DotA. To get around this major barrier of entry, GO DOWNLOAD THE AI MAP. The AI’s will not rage at you, they won’t care if you feed. They will teach you the heroes by destroying you with them, and no one has to know.

The only thing you need to know when playing against AI’s, is fill the game with computers(easy/normal/hard). The difficulties only allow them to buy items at slightly different prices. Hard computers makes their items slightly cheaper, easy makes them normal prices.

When you enter the game, type the game mode.

-ap(all pick)

-ar(all random)

-sd(single draft, pick from 1 random agi, 1 random str, 1 random int hero at your circle)

-rd(random draft, 30ish random heroes are picked, pick heroes like in kickball)
If you want to play easy mode(which is ONLY recommended for new players playing against REAL opponents) add em at the end of your gametype.

For example:





Easy mode gives you about 2 gold per game second instead of about 1 gold per game second. All of the heroes also level faster. This is the only difference, but it is a huge difference. You can sit in your base and complete items. You can hit lv. 6 in less than 5 minutes. Easy mode games will almost always end 20 minutes faster, guaranteed.

As a whole, I do NOT recommend new players to play easy mode. It teaches you bad habits, it changes the strengths of a LOT of heroes(almost all int heroes are significantly weaker, all carries are significantly stronger). The only reason I advocate playing easy mode is if you have absolutely no concept of last hitting, or you just want to play dota against real kids and you don’t want to get stomped by good players. Easy mode players are on average worse players.

You should most definitely move away from easy mode as soon as you feel comfortable with the skill range you are performing in.

Now, which one of these awesome heroes do you want to pick?

Heroes to avoid playing early in your dota experience:








 Keeper of the Light




 Shadow Fiend

 Templar Assassin

These are just general guidelines. None of those heroes are bad necessarily, but they take a little getting used to. You can’t just play your first game of dota and go 15-0-17 with silencer. It just isn’t going to happen.

This is just small selection of all the heroes in DotA, and this doesn't mean that the rest of the heroes aren't challenging to learn. Here are some pretty easy heroes who's usefullness is easy to take advantage of. I'd recommend playing them to any new person to DotA. In parenthesis are the most common names for those heroes even if they aren't the proper titles.


 Centaur Warchief(Cent)

 Skeleton King(SK)

 Rouge Knight(Sven)

 Vengeful Spirit(Venge)

 Drow Ranger

 Crystal Maiden(CM)




 Witch Doctor(WD)



All of the heroes I just listed are not super complicated to play, and that is why they are great heroes to play for new people. Most of these heroes have 1 or 2 important skills, and that covers most of their usefulness. I will not explain how to play these heroes, but go search for a guide for each of these heroes. Usually the guides give you very good guidelines and let you play those heroes to 80-100% effectiveness.

Now, really talented players will ALWAYS play these heroes WAY better than newbies, but for a new person who can't handle more than one spell to cast, these are the heroes you will want to play to get used to DotA, and make the skill curve hurt less.

You may not realize this, but I listed virtually no carries as heroes to recommend. The only ones I did were Drow, Lycan, and SK. They have very few skills, you farm up, and you right click a hero until they die. Other carries are more complicated, and at the least, you NEED to know the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes you are fighting because it allows you to play to your heroes' strengths.

Very Basic DotA Breakdown

DotA is a game about teamwork, gaining experience, and gaining gold.

Ultimately you want to destroy the enemy team’s throne. The throne is deep inside their base and to get there, you have to beat down enemy creeps, enemy towers, and enemy heroes.

There are basic units spawned every 30 seconds from each of the three lanes. For most of the game there are 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep. Periodically a Catapult is added, and eventually in the game there are more melee and ranged creeps. Creeps also slowly gain max hp over the course of the game.

At early levels your heroes are very weak and cannot clear creep waves and towers by yourself. To get stronger you need items. To get items you need money.

You gain gold for getting the last hit on the heroes or creeps. When you land the final blow on an enemy creep (last hit or lh) you receive a random amount of gold for the kill(about 35-45 gold per creep). If you land the final blow on an allied creep(you can only attack allied creeps below 50% hp) then you deny your lane opponents the chance to last hit that creep, and THEY ALSO GET LESS EXP AS A RESULT.

You also get gold when your team destroys a tower(about 450-600 for a last hit on a tower, 200 if your teammates or team kills it, 100 if the enemy denies a tower). Your tower has to be below 10% hp to deny it. The magic number on lv. 1 towers is below 130 hp. If you deny a tower, you are denying your enemy team a total of 500-800 gold. That is a huge amount of gold.

KILLING CREEPS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO FARM WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS. If you want to get farmed(get a lot of gold quickly) you want to last hit every single creep in each wave.

You gain experience when enemy creeps and heroes die around you, defeated by your team.

When you gain enough experience, you gain a level. You start at lv. 1, and the max is lv. 25.

Almost every single hero gets 3 basic skills, 1 ultimate(or ult), and the option for stats instead of levels. Each basic skill can be leveled up 4 times, each ultimate 3 times, and you can get 10 levels of stats by lv. 25. Each level of stats gives you +2 str, +2 agi, and +2 int. Stats will be explained later. Every hero has some kind of combos between each of his skills. Usually you can figure these out by reading the skills, sometimes it takes watching another player perform them.

Basic Warcraft III Controls

Left click to select your Hero. When your hero is selected right click to move to a location. To attack a hero, press the A hotkey and left click their hero, OR right click on the enemy hero.

If you press the A hotkey and left click on the ground(not on a hero) you will move to that position attacking the closest enemy, creep or hero on the way there.

To use an enemy or ally targeted ability, click the ability icon or PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEARN AND PRESS THE HOTKEY and then left click on the hero.

I strongly recommend selecting your hero and pressing Control+1. This hotkeys your hero to number 1. F1 is also permanently selected to your hero without any setup. If you ever need to find your hero or select him, just double tab 1(or F1) and the screen will center your hero, and he will be under your control.

Animation Cancelling

Every hero has an amount of time it takes to perform an attack, like swinging your sledgehammer back before crushing brains. This is called an attack animation.

All heroes have different attack animations. Some are very long, some are very short. They are all quite reduced late game when your hero gets more attack speed. Slow attack animations are most notable early game. All attack animations have attack points. I am going to explain this with an example.

Lets say it takes Necrolyte 1.5 seconds to finish an attack animation, but he actually throws his attack at 1.1 seconds. This means that you ONLY have to wait 1.1 seconds to throw an attack. The best way to cancel this is to right click on the ground to move at 1.1 seconds. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WHEN CHASING. It is normally called attack move or Orb Walking(when heroes have orbs like slows).

If you do not cancel your animation at 1.1 seconds, you will stand there for NO reason for .4 seconds, which can be the difference between getting a kill and not getting a kill. Always, always learn the animation cancel for your character if they have a long animation. Most melee heroes have a faster animation, and generally ranged heroes have the longer animations.

Phases of Game(Laning, Gank, Push)

As was said before, you want levels and you want gold. Because of item, level, and skill limitations early game, heroes generally stay in very close proximity to the other team in their lanes. This is mostly because their skills do not lack enough killing and chasing power. Lv. 1 spells do low damage, and their slow and stun durations are usually low, etc.


The purpose of laning is to get experience from enemy creeps dying, and gold from getting creep last hits. With the experience you gain levels and with the gold you gain better items. Generally if all things are equal(picks, skill, etc.), whichever team has a level and gold advantage will win the game if they continue the trend. If you play right(perfect teamwork) against another perfect teamwork team, the little things matter.

To improve your experience and gold advantage over your opponent, your best option is to KILL THEM. When you KILL THEM you gain about 250 gold and usually about a level’s worth of experience. Anyone who supported you in that kill also gets some support gold even though they didn’t land the final blow.

Your second best option is to ALMOST KILL THEM and make them go back to base to heal. If they go back to heal, they spend 20-40 seconds walking slowly all the way back to base. This is .5-1 levels worth of experience they are missing out on, and they also miss all chances of last hits and denies.

To reduce the effect of ALMOST BEING KILLED you should purchase a tp scroll from base and make the trip back shorter. Yes, it is worth the 135 gold. This is hard for noobs to get over, but that is simply 3 last hits and you are even again. That’s 3 last hits and a lot of creep exp that you would spend time walking back and forth. Simply put, ALWAYS BUY A TP SCROLL AND USE IT WHEN GOING SOMEWHERE LONG RANGE. The noobs that are ALWAYS under leveled spend a lot of time walking back and forth to base to heal. I don’t care if you are only 250 gold from getting boots. Buy a tp scroll. Also, ALWAYS CARRY A TP SCROLL AT ALL TIMES IN CASE YOU NEED TO GET SOMEWHERE NOW. 

The final most important thing you can learn about laning, is PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT AUTOATTACK THE CREEPS. There is a place where the creeps meet and beat on each other until they die. This is called the creep line. The creeps do a very exact amount of damage. Generally, if two waves of creeps fight endlessly on flat ground, THE CREEP LINE WILL NOT MOVE. If you start auto attacking or nuking the creeps, the creep line will be pushed closer to the enemy’s tower. When they enemy is closer to their tower, they are closer to being safe. It is so much more difficult to gank heroes when you can’t sneak behind them before initiating the gank. For this reason, DON’T AUTOATTACK THE CREEPS. Instead of auto attacking, right click all over the ground, run in circles until you are ready to last hit, spam the S key(stop) to animation cancel your hero(BEFORE he throws his attack). Just don’t auto attack.

Who Goes Where?

Because of the experience mechanic of experience being generally split between close by heroes, you do not want to put 5 heroes in the same lane. You will all be lv. 1 for a looonnnngg time.

For basic skill level games or non-tryhard games, there will then be 2 heroes top, 1 hero in the middle lane, and 2 heroes in the bottom lane.

In high level skill games or tryhard games, there is usually a 3 hero(trilane), with 2 solo lanes. Ignore this line for about a year because you should not be in those games(but feel free to watch them!).

Reasons for Who Goes Where?

You want to solo a hero that gets very powerful with levels who can do so safely, and possibly own the other solo. You can also solo heroes that get very powerful with items and not necessarily levels. Since you are in a lane by yourself, you get all of the experience and gold(that your opponent does NOT deny). Once you get to the 6-9 levels, your mid is usually going to want to gank a top or bottom lane, to establish some LANE CONTROL. Lane Control is either when you KILL THEM or ALMOST KILL THEM. Their team will lose exp and gold, your team will then have an advantage.

Mid is also the easiest lane to defend yourself in. It is short in length between each tower so you will be generally safe by hiding next to your tower. There are also ledges, and you will miss(25%) trying to ranged attack up a hill, so you will have some more survivability as a result.

Those are the two reasons to consider when you pick a solo mid.

• Are you a ganking hero that can take advantage of level gaps?

• Is your hero going to greatly benefit from a level advantage AND a farm advantage from sitting in a lane generally undisturbed for 8-15 minutes(we are talking about noobs right?)?

You will learn which heroes are better for the solo mid(usually int caster heroes or semi-carries are the best), but for now respect someone’s wishes when they call a solo mid lane. Later on you can call them a horrible noob for soloing mid as wisp, but today is not that day.

The final, most important part of laning is DON’T FEED YOU NOOB. Feeding is the quickest way to tell if someone is bad at dota. This means you will do completely stupid things in lane for the first 5-10 minutes which will get your enemies kills, and if you give your enemies kills and they are good at DotA, they will push that advantage the whole game and THE GAME WILL BE OVER BECAUSE YOU FED THEM.

This is by far THE most discouraging thing about DotA(aside from players who bad mouth or act cocky). I can promise that once you learn the heroes and you get some experience under your belt and actually become good at the game, that you will stop feeding. This is why you need to play AI games for a couple days(week or two really) so that you can understand the basics of how powerful heroes are, and be aware that no hero is overpowered(for 90-95% of all players). They all have strengths and weaknesses that when exploited, give you a favorable outcome.

IN SUMMARY: Get last hits to gain gold, deny creeps to deny your lane enemies their gold, KILL THEM or ALMOST KILL THEM and DON’T FEED YOU NOOB.


The ganking phase is ongoing through the course of the whole game. You can do ganks before the first round of creeps spawn, and a successful gank can win the game(during the later stages of the game).

Properly ganking is 50-100% player skill(depending on if allies are involved) and 50-0% teamwork. Communication in DotA is huge, so please learn to do it. If you want to gank a hero, ping on the minimap(Alt+g+left click on map) and type something. Ex: “Ganking Rhasta in 15 seconds, I stun first”. Typing that into chat window is going to clear up ALL confusion with your gank. Communication mistakes are even made in high level of play, so good communication at low levels is going to give you a huge advantage. ALWAYS give a time estimate if possible, which hero you want to target, and who stuns first. Stacking your stuns makes the difference in whether your gank is successful.

Do NOT blame your teammate for not knowing EXACTLY what you were planning to do at the noob level. They are probably focusing on getting last hits, and making sure no one has to say DON’T FEED YOU NOOB. Blaming other people for failing during bad communication is a very common mistake people make.

STUN STACKING- If you have a 1.5 second stun and your ally has a 1.5 second stun, always start the first stun that is most reliable (single target easy to click on a hero). Wait 1.5 seconds in your head, then land your stun. This results in a whole 3 seconds of stun. If you both stun at the same time, 1.5 seconds of stun is WASTED. Stun stacking is going to pretty much guarantee that you get a kill early in the game during ganks(if you are animation cancelling and attack moving or orb walking).

The most important advice I can give you about ganking is DON’T GET BALSY. If you start tower diving(going close to a tower to kill a hero when you have zero creeps around) then you had better be able to kill that hero in less than 5 seconds, without dying, or you shouldn’t be there. Any time you get balsy and DIE as a result means you lost some advantage(if any) that you just had. All because you were greedy and balsy. DO NOT GET BALSY.

When you are ganking late in the game, always bring other people with you. Ganking solo is a wonderful way to FEED THE ENEMY EXP AND GOLD. Do not gank solo. Just don’t do it. Bring 1 person, bring 2 people, bring your whole team. This all but guarantees a kill or great outcome.


A push is a very important part of the DotA game. In pub games(public player games) it is almost always very hard to organize your team to do a push. Most people want to go into the jungle and farm neutral creeps the entire game until they have full items. This is not how you play DotA well.

Generally, when your heroes are powerful enough to do so, you want to organize into a 5 man pushing team, and you want to destroy enemy towers. This gives you map control, and this gives your team 1000-1300 gold. If you destroy 3 enemy towers and they have 0 of your towers, your team has a 3000-3900 gold advantage. This is a huge advantage.

If any enemy tries to 5 man push your tower, you probably need to get there and 5 man defend your tower. You will always have an advantage when fighting by a tower(damage, see invis, etc.) so defending a tower is almost always beneficial.

The most important advice I can give you about pushing that doesn’t get too complex is DON’T GET BALSY. You are pushing to destroy towers or Rax(barracks). Once you destroy all the towers in a lane, you can destroy the Rax. When you destroy both sets of rax, both your melee creeps in lane and your ranged creeps in lane get more hp and more damage. This results in the Creep line being constantly pushed against your enemy, which creates pressure on them to defend, which means they spend less time pushing and farming.

Raxing your opponents is the single most important way to put the game in your favor.

When you are raxing a lane, DO NOT GET BALSY. If you chase them to their fountain and kill one more hero, that’s 10-20 seconds you could have been ATTACKING THE RAX. Which could make the difference between your push being successful. DO NOT CHASE HEROES BACK TO THE FOUNTAIN. DESTROY THE RAX.

Pushing wins the game. If you mess around with your push or you are off farming when your team pushes, you are potentially throwing the game away. I’ve thrown the game away like this, and I have had teammates throw the game away like this. Don’t throw the game away. It is the worst feeling in DotA. Other than feeders or leavers. Stop feeding, you noob.

Kinds of Heroes

There are 3 basic types of heroes that you will need to know. I will not get very far into this.


Almost every team needs a carry. A carry is usually an agility hero who is weak in the early game but becomes VERY strong in the late game with the correct items. Carries are probably 80% dependent on items late game, so you usually end up farming for 20-30 minutes before you start raping face. Carries are arguably the most fun to play because you get to see “YOUR NAME” DOUBLE KILL, TRIPLE KILL, RAMPAGE, etc. This does not mean everyone should play them.

When you are playing with noobs, your teamsetups are usually 2-5 carries per team. This is wrong. A normal team only needs 1 carry, SOMETIMES 2.

There is a small branch of carry called the semi-carry. These are heroes that can and do fit other roles like support/gank/teamfight. Generally semi-carries are strong throughout the whole game, though they will never be as strong as a Hard Carry. Hard carries are the strongest carries in the game. Sometimes they cannot be stopped once they get certain item advantages.



Support heroes are pretty much any hero who has some type of control. Slows, heals, stuns, disables, nukes, etc. Casters make good supports. Stuns are usually valued over almost anything else, but anything else is always valued more than another carry, unless you have no carry.

Supports keep your carries alive in lanes, they give you map control, they give you lane control, they let you KILL THEM early in the game.

Always remember when playing a support, someone NEEDS to buy a chicken, drop it and share control with the team, and ALWAYS let your carry get the farm in the lane, and last hits on enemy heroes, if you can help it.

The bigger advantage your carry has over the enemy team, the better chance your team is going to win. Kill enemy towers while your carry farms. Let your carry kill a tower while you guard him, harass enemy heroes in lane while your carry gets last hits on creeps. This is how you support a carry.

You play your support to allow your carry to farm their balls off. It is not about getting kills, it’s not about having the best items. It’s about letting your carry do this. His success is a result of YOUR success. Nothing feels better than owning so hard as a support that your carry can farm for the first 25 mins of the game untouched, and then use that farm to finish the game handily.


Gank heroes are generally heroes with stuns or slows who are very strong throughout the whole game(especially early). Going ganking and taking a few gank heroes is going to prove successful. When ganking, try to nail their carries. If you keep their carries under leveled and without experience while your carry is at a normal level with items, your team is going to win the game.

Ganking heroes sometimes need a little bit of farm before they become ganking machines, so they usually get cs(creep stats, or farm) preference over support or teamfight heroes. Gank heroes should either be ganking, or trying to farm a major item(blink dagger) and then they should start ganking, followed immediately by pushing after successful ganks(5v4 means you are more likely to win a teamfight and destroy towers or raxes).


Teamfight heroes are hardly worth mentioning, but I felt like making it its own section. A few heroes are better known as walking ults, or walking ultimates. Their entire purpose on your team is to land a good ult, because if that is done, you are more or less in an amazing position during a teamfight. Heroes like Tidehunter who have amazing aoe stuns that are mostly guaranteed to stun every person on the field, make a HUGE difference in teamfights.

Some teamfight heroes need that first major item(usually a blink dagger), so they get farm(cs) preference over gankers and carries until they get that item. If an enigma can land a 3 second Black Hole on the entire enemy team and your team is attacking them the entire time, you have a really good chance to win. Let them farm the blink dagger.

Good Teamsetup/Good Lane Setup

This is going to be a very vague noob level Good Lane Setup/Good Team Setup.

For solo lanes, try to get a hero that benefits from early level advantage or good farm who can gank well with runes or bottle(Lion, Puck, Tinker, Storm, Akasha, etc.). They are usually going to cover a Gank/Teamfight role, and some carries can solo as well(Morphling, Shadow Fiend, Obsidian Destroyer, etc.). However, the most important role you can follow in noob games, isMAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE RANGED HERO IN EACH LANE.

Even in noob games, a double melee lane means you fail at DotA. Always pick a ranged hero if your team only picks melee. If you have the right melee heroes and you are fighting noobs you can make it work, but this general rule applies. Your opponents will have many opportunities to harass and ALMOST KILL YOU and you will either spend a lot of time walking back to base, or a lot of time standing away from your creeps because you will be harassed away from the creep line where your gold awaits.

For good team setup, have at LEAST one carry(not going to be a problem in easy mode!) and that you have a good balance of support, gank, and team fight heroes. The easiest way to pick is to GET MORE STUNS.

Game Mechanics

The second most important aspect of DotA other than learning each hero, is learn what items are best for each hero. Can you see why people who are brand new to DotA completely feed their balls off? They don’t know the aspects of the game that let you avoid the feeding stage.

Let’s start with stats.

There are 3 stat types which I’ve already mentioned.




Every single hero gains strength, agility, and intelligence when they level up. Some heroes gain more than others; you can look these numbers up online.

Every stat does something different.

Every point of Strength you gain gives you 19 hp, 0.03 hp/sec regeneration, and if you are a strength hero, you gain +1 damage.

Every point of Agility you gain gives you 1/7(.142) armor, 1% increased attack speed, and if you are an agility hero, you gain +1 damage.

Every point of Intelligence you gain gives you 13 increased mp, 0.04 mp/sec regeneration, and if you are an intelligence hero, you gain +1 damage.

Damage Types

There are 3 main types of damage to be done in DotA.

There are a few others that impact how some spells interact with heroes under various status effects, and a few that change hp based on a % but for a new player this information is not important.

You have Physical, Magic, and Pure.
  • Physical damage. This is what happens when you auto attack heroes. The most simple way to figure out how damage is calculated is to look at it this way. Physical damage does less damage the more armor that a hero or unit has. Just know that armor increases have a direct reduction to damage received. The best rule to look at, is EVERY 1 ARMOR YOU GAIN GIVES YOU 6% MORE HP VERSES PHYSICAL ATTACKS. If you are a 1000 hp hero at full hp and you buy a ring of protection(+2 armor) you now effectively have 1120 hp if the enemy heroes ONLY autoattack you.
  • Magic Damage. Nearly every single spell casted by a hero that does damage does magic damage. Damage done by magic is calculated by magic resistance. All heroes have base magic resistance of 25%. No creep has magic resistance. If you cast a spell on an enemy hero that does 400 damage and they have 400 hp, your spell will only do 300 damage to that enemy hero. Always be aware of this when calculating how many nukes it takes to kill a hero when you are chasing.
  • Pure damage. Pure damage is called Pure damage because it is not reduced by anything. It is not reduced by armor, it is not reduced by Magic. Very few heroes have pure damage, but be aware that it DOES A LOT OF DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY TO LOW HP, HIGH ARMOR HEROES.

More Bang for your Buck

Early game starting items are the quickest way to tell if a player is bad at dota or bad at math(not necessarily both).

When you start a game where you pick your hero, you start with 603 gold. When you start a game where you random your hero, you start with 853 gold.



• Ironwood Branches(53 gold, +1 str, +1 agi, +1 int)

• Gauntlets of Strength(150 gold, +3 str)

• Slippers of Agility(150 gold, +3 agi)

• Mantles of Intelligence(150 gold, +3 int)

• Ancient Tango of Essifation(90 gold, 3 per stack, Eat a tree to restore 115 hp over 16 seconds(7.18 hp/sec regen)

• Healing Salve(100 gold, heals 400 hp over 10 seconds, if you receive damage it is interrupted)

• Lesser Clarity Potion(50 gold, regens 100 mana over 30 seconds, if you receive damage it is interrupted)

• Ring of Protection(175 gold, +2 armor)

• Magic Stick(200 gold, If enemy casts a spell by you, +1 charge. Click to release charges, heal 15 hp/15 mp per charge stored. Stores up to 10 charges).

• Animal Courier(170 gold. Drop to have movable unit that can carry items from base to your team. EVERY TEAM SHOULD HAVE A COURIER AT GAME START)

• Observer Wards(200 gold. Gives vision where placed for 5 minutes. Buy if you want to try hard in a noob game, which you do if your team can execute teamwork well! I will not talk about wards later, but there are lots of good guides)


• Boots(500 gold, +55 movement speed)

• Bottle(600 gold, 3 charges of 135 hp/70 mp regen, bottle fills at base can store rune and refill with rune pickup)

• ENTIRE Wraith Band(485 gold, +6 agi, +3 str, +3 int, +3 damage)

• ENTIRE Null Talisman(505 gold, +6 int, +3 str, +3 agi, +3 damage)

• ENTIRE Bracer(525 gold, +6 str, +3 agi, +3 int, +3 damage)

• NOTHING, SAVING FOR RING OF HEALTH LOL(875 gold, +5 hp/sec regen)

As you can see, it is recommended that you purchase cheap items that give you stats, and cheap items which give you regen.

Stats give you last hitting potential(you can last hit creeps BEFORE your enemies can because you do more damage, stats give you more hp to save your life when running away, and stats give you more mp to cast spells to save lives or take lives; KILL THEM)

You may be confused why I wrote no Bracer/Null Talisman/Wraith Band. The only reason to make those items is to free up space. In DotA you can only carry 6 items. Early game, you have 6 slots, and no good items. Therefore, why would you purchase a Wraith Band(1 slot, 485 gold, +6 agi, +3 str, +3 int, +3 damage) when you could buy 3 Ironwood Branches, 1 Slipper of Agility(4 slots, 309 gold, +6 agi, +3 str, +3 int)? Later you can make those branches into a wand(GREAAAATTT item for most heroes), or sell the branches back for half of the gold(26 woot woot!). That 176 gold difference between a wraith band and the brach/slipper combo gives you extra money to buy regen. That regen is used when you are ALMOST KILLED and lets you stay in lane longer for more exp.

The easiest way to rape noobs in lane is harassing them out of lane. Often noobs only purchase 1 set of Tangos because they spent all their money on a “big” item like Boots, Bottle, or a Wraith Band. When you see this, HARASS THE THEM OUT OF THE LANE. They will have to leave because YOU came to lane with 2 times as much regen. Congratulations, you now have lane control because they left to heal, and you get a level advantage.

So remember, buy stats and regen in lane. Those keep you in the lane to farm, gain exp, and put you into a favorable position later in the game. DO NOT BUY BOOTS FIRST.

How to Plan Out Your Item Builds

One of the greatest ways for a noob to lose an advantage in DotA is to not make good item decisions. If you are sitting on a wad of cash early, SPEND YOUR MONEY. This is more commonly the case with brand new DotA players. You would figure this out in about 10-30 games, but I'll save you a little pain by telling you to SPEND YOUR MONEY. The items can save you from dying OR get you a kill.

You should iron out a very vauge item build for your hero as you buy your starting items. For most heroes, the starting items are fairly standard. To make proper starting item decisions, you have to look at a few things.
  • Am I a support hero/should I buy a chicken/did anyone buy a chicken?
  • Am I an int caster who would benefit from extra nuking power gained by clarity potions?
  • Does my hero have any weaknesses that need to be filled like low hp or no armor?
  • Am I a melee farmer who would benefit greatly from a quelling blade?
  • Am I going to want to make a ring of basilius in lane later?

These are the questions that should be answered JUST when purchasing your first items.

Later in the early game, you should be considering broad item ideas:
  • Who is making a Mekanism?
  • Will I be/should I be buying wards right now?
  • Are there any invis heroes that would get shut down if I buy a dust?
  • What items am I building towards? Can I buy any parts yet?

More specifically to your hero, be mindful to some basic hero ideas:
  • What upgraded boots will I want?
  • Am I a carry who would benefit from stats and attack speed?
  • Would I benefit from phase boots?
  • Am I a support hero, and would my whole team and I greatly benefit from arcane boots?(YES)
  • Does your hero have a lot of spells to cast? If so, make sure you have mana regen.
  • Are you a strength hero who is not 100% reliant on spells, but is way more powerful with mana? Get a wand/magic stick or a basilius or urn.
  • Are you a carry or strength hero who has no need for supplementary mana if you are at full during a teamfight? Just buy a magic stick, or don't waste money on mana regen.

These are all important questions to ask yourself.

A Short Piece of Sincerity, then BACK TO YOU SUCKING.

More than almost all of my tips, this is going to improve your game over the long run and let you play every hero(item wise) with a moderate amount of practice, and some knowledge of DotA math.

Think for yourself on item builds, and question every build(mentally) that you ever see or think of.

If you didn't notice yet, almost every person who plays DotA at any level in the skill curve, thinks that they know best. The funny part is that 95% of dota players base all of their item decisions on other players who do it first.

The best way to get good at DotA is to have good gameplay, but the second best is to have extremely good efficiency in your item builds.

If you learn how to use YOUR brain to make YOUR OWN decisions about items, and you are actually making good item decisions, you are already going to have a huge advantage over your enemies.

Once you are able to think for yourself instead of copying pubs or pros, you can rely on yourself for item builds and play any hero you desire.


One unfortunate consequence of playing DotA is that you have to learn where items are. Giant improvements have been made in organization of items into similarly grouped areas.

Every kind of item is organized into different shops.

There are 6 different recipe shops, and 4 basic item shops in base. These are all next to the fountain. Additionally, there are two side shops on the map, appropriately dubbed for their location, and two secret shops, inappropriately dubbed, as it is no longer secretive.

The first basic item shop in base is Sena the Accessorizer. Sena ONLY sells stat items, or items that increase your stats. She sells stat items that give you a +1 to all, +3 to one kind, +5 to one kind, +10 to one kind, and +10 to all. The three different +25 to one kind stat items are sold at the secret shop.

Sena the Accessorizer

The second basic item shop is the Weapons Dealer. He ONLY sells damage items, armor and shield items, and quelling blades. If it does damage and is a basic component(not sold at secret shop), you can find it here.

Weapons Dealer

The third basic shop is the Ancient of Wonders. This building ONLY sells consumable items, or items that are gone when you use them all. These items buy you important things like TP scrolls, Wards, and CHEAP but temporary healing items.

Ancient of Wonders

The 4th and final basic shop is called the Cache of the Quel'thelan. I like to call it The Orphanage, or the building of items that don't belong anywhere else. If there is a random item you are looking for that does not fit into any of the shops, it is either not in the main base, or it is in the Orphanage.

The Orphanage contains items like boots of speed, magic stick, bottle, and weak regen items like sobi mask and ring of regeneration, as well as the powerful Kelen's Dagger of Escape(blink dagger) and Ghost Scepter.

The Orphanage(Cache of the Quel'thelan)

The 6 shops across the top of the fountain contain all of the recipes for creating all of the items in the game that require creating to have. They will show what pieces you need to create them, and some of these items require a recipe purchase to finish it, and some do not. To make that item, you must hold all of the parts including the recipe, on your hero. If it requires no recipe, the items will combine on your hero when they are all held together. Each shop is organized by type, and that is represented by a character model. REMEMBER THESE IDEAS WHEN TRYING TO FIND THE RECIPE YOU WANT.

The first recipe shop is easily located at the extreme right of the recipe shops(if on sentinel), and the extreme bottom if on scourge. It is entitled Gateway Relics. The character model is a peasant. This shop contains the most basic recipes in the game, and all of the boot upgrades. You will be getting these items a lot in your DotA career.

Gateway Relics

The second recipe shop is called Supportive Vestments. The character model is the priest because HE SUPPORTS. If you are in doubt what item to buy as a support hero, make one of these items.

Supportive Vestments

The third recipe shop is magic/arcane/wizard items called Arcane Sanctum. These items are almost always the best thing you can get on a support or intelligence carry/semi carry. I am looking at you, Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyce.

Arcane Sanctum

The fourth recipe shop is for tank or defensive items. Make these if you want to survive your battle longer. The character model is an armored knight.


The fifth recipe shop is the orbs/buff placers shop called Enchanted Artifacts. All of these items, when on your hero, give you an orb or a buff placer. The general rule to follow, is that every hero should only have one of each(there are exceptions, but I will not get into it). Generally, if you get multple orbs or multiple buff placers, the abilities of those items DO NOT STACK AND YOU HAVE WASTED A LOT OF MONEY. DO NOT GET 2 ORBS PLEASE.

Enchanted Artifacts

The sixth and final recipe shop contains the BIG damage items, or the items that primarily JUST do damage. It is called Ancient Weaponry. If you are a late game carry, these are the items that you should be aiming for.

Ancient Weaponry

Secret shops sell the most expensive and best stat items, damage items, regen items, and the only non stat boosting, hp/mp increasing items.

Leragas The Vile(Secret Shop)

Side shops sell a smattering of items from all locations. The side shop has the purpose of ending the game faster by allowing heroes to run the short distance to the side shop instead of back to base, or to the secret shop. There are two side shops because Icefrog was awesome and added a bunch of seemingly random but well planned items at the side shops.

Goblin Laboratory

Goblin Merchant

Important Numbers That Noobs Don’t Know

So lets say a strength hero gets a Reaver(+25 Strength). He gains 475 hp, and gets +25 damage, and .75 hp/sec regen.

Compare this to an agility hero who gets an Eaglehorn(+25 agility). He gains 3.57 armor, +25 damage, and +25% attack speed. Have you guessed yet that the hardest carries are agility heroes? Every point of agility they get increases their damage AND their attack speed. Someone with high damage AND high attack speed does a lot more damager per second(dps).

Ring of Basilius gives wayyy more mp regen than any % based mana regen item, early game. It only costs a sobi mask(325 gold, +50% mana regen) and a ring of protection(175 gold, +2 armor) together(no recipe) it makes a Ring of Basilius( 500 gold, +1 armor, +2 armor aura for you and all your allies, +0.65 mana regen/sec to you and your allies).

A % mana regen based item gives you mana regen based on your int, that 0.04 mp/sec for each point of Int. This number is quite low. Int heroes have tops 25-30 int at lv. 1, which correlates to about 1 mp/sec at lv. 1. Str and Agi heroes have about 15-18 int at lv. 1, which means they only get about .6 mp/sec at lv. 1.

If you get a Ring of Basilius, however, your mp/sec DOUBLES with a 500 gold item(void stone, which gives 100% mana regen, costs 875), AND that regen gets applied to your ally in lane, not to mention the 3 armor(2 to ally)! Just remember to click on the item in your inventory so that the aura ONLY applies to heroes. If your creeps have a 2 armor aura, that means they have more hp and that creep line is going to PUSH against your enemy’s towers. Do not do that unless you are trying to destroy the tower, turn the ring off when you aren’t pushing.

 >  At low levels!


Vladamir’s Offering

Vladamir’s Offering(2050 gold, 16% lifesteal aura(melee only), 15% damage aura, 5 armor aura, .80 mp/sec aura)

Vlads is created from a basilius ring(and two other items + recipe) which is a weaker version of a Vlads.

I will tell you now, NOOBS LOVE RUSHING VLADS. This is a major problem, because other than the 5 armor aura(3 of which is already gotten from the basilius ring) and the .80 mp/sec aura(.65 of which is already gotten from the basilius ring), vlads is entirely based on percentages of total damage. Who has low damage early game? Yes, that’s right. ALL HEROES.

All a Vlads rush does is spend 1500 gold for very little benefit on a hero(usually a melee carry) that needs farm to perform well.


If you want to get a vlads, ONLY get it as a 2nd-4th item, then and only then. Vlads is very seriously situational almost every game.

Also, PLEASE GOD DO NOT MAKE A VLADS IF SOME NOOB ON YOUR TEAM ALREADY MADE ONE. Vlads is an aura item, which means IT DOES NOT STACK. Two people with a vlads and fighting in the same battle have seriously wasted 2050 gold between them.

Really Common Illusion Hero Mistakes

There are illusion heroes all over the place. Most of the illusion heroes are carries, and as I already covered, most noobs rush vlads. Illusions are very misunderstood by lots of players who play DotA(even good ones!). The most important part, is that +DAMAGE ITEMS DO NOT INCREASE THE DAMAGE OF YOUR ILLUSIONS. This means Battlefury does NOTHING for your illusions, Divine Rapier does NOTHING for your illusions, and those Phase boots do NOTHING for your illusions apart from the base movement speed.

There are ways around this. You can get a crit item(that does increase damage of illusions WHEN you crit), you can get a radiance(every illusion of the carrier has the 40 dps affect), but most importantly, you need to get stats. Stats directly increase the damage of your illusions. Ever wonder why Manta Style is +26 agility, +10 Strength and +10 Intelligence? That’s because if it was +40 damage, the illusion that it splits off would do NO bonus damage based on the Manta Style. For this reason, PLEASE GET STAT ITEMS ON ILLUSION HEROES.

If you want a really easy build for illusion heroes like Phantom Lancer or Naga Siren, aim for treads(agility if you have adequate hp), get a few wraith bands, and then work towards a diffusal. The strength and the intelligence will both benefit your hero, and it’s a very simple build to use.

How to Best Reduce Damage Done to your Hero

If you are trying to reduce the damage done to your hero, first figure out what kind of damage is destroying you. Making in game decisions like this affects your item builds, and whether you will be prepared for team fights mid game. Look at the heroes you are fighting. Plan accordingly. This is how you play DotA.

From there, calculate what item is going to enhance your survivability the most.

If you have a hero with a low strength gain(low hp hero), perhaps you should buy some strength items before you buy that armor.

For example, if your hero has 900 hp, and you buy a hood which increases magic resistance by 30%, you are effectively increasing your hp by 270 hp, giving you 1170 hp if the enemy ONLY uses magic attacks. Perhaps it might be a better decision to buy an item that increases your hp by 300 that costs the same. You’ll have more hp in the end, and it also keeps you alive from physical attacks as well as magic ones.

Another example! If it is late game and you have 2000 hp. Is it worth it to spend 2000 gold on the item that gives you 300 hp, or is it worth it to spend 2000 gold on the item that gives you 30% resistance to magic? When you have more hp, the 30% resistance item produces 600 hp(!).

The concept is this, early to mid game you need to buy hp items(or very cheap armor items), and late game you want to buy magic resistance, and big armor items if you are interested in survivability.

I’ve already explained that carries are powerful late game and weak early game. Part of this is because their skills are based around dps(damage per second) like auto attacking. Auto attacking is greatly supported by expensive damage items.

Being able to make logical decisions about math are VERY important in DotA. Knowing which item gives you more payoff for less gold is the entire focus on what item builds are better in top-tier play. For noobs though, this is a generally moot point because feeding or lack of skill make the most impact on the game. BUT HEY KEEP READING!


In times like these, your survival largely comes down to the skill of your opponent in trying to gank you, how fast you notice, whether they stack their stuns, and that you don’t panic.

If you see some heroes rush out of the fog of war at you, you need to immediately stun or slow if you have an ability, and then you need to GTFO(get the #$%^ out). Run immediately to your tower, run behind your tower, run into the trees next to your tower. Do not stop to cast ANYTHING that is not going to slow them down. Just run. Don’t stop. If they decide to tower dive you with no creeps around, you MIGHT be able to make something happen like get a kill, but your main priority is to GTFO.

There are ways to lower the chance of you having to GTFO, and it is called calling mia(missing in action).

When the game starts and there are 2 heroes in the lane against you, it is your responsibility to let the team know when they aren’t there. They could be afk sitting at a tower, they could be running back to the base after you ALMOST KILL THEM, they could be WATCHING AND WAITING TO MURDER YOUR ALLIES IN A GANK.

If the enemy hero in your lane noticeably leaves or is missing, type “HERO mia bot”.

If an ally types “Puck mia mid” you need to immediately assess where you are on the map, and decide if it would be really easy to get ganked in that very moment or in the very short future. If you take no assessment when your ally informs you, you will be in a disadvantageous position if you are getting ganked.

Ways to tell if you need to GTFO

• If the creep line is more towards your enemy’s tower than your tower
• If there is an entrance to the jungle which you have no vision to, right behind where you are standing.

If you need to GTFO, go stand by your tower. This is called tower hugging. If the enemy calls you a pussy for tower hugging, tell them they are really bad, because they are simply trying to get you away from your tower so that puck can roll out and KILL YOU. Wait till the creep wave pushes back towards your tower(it is okay if you miss a little experience and cs). At the very least, stand just outside of exp range(about ¾ of a screen length) behind some trees so they don’t know that you are there.

Juking is an important skill to learn in the game, but it basically involves running through trees when someone is chasing you, and dodging them well enough to get home. I’m not going to explain this to you. Just watch any DotA montage ever and THERE WILL BE JUKING.


This is pretty much the most you can learn about DotA without watching any videos of other people playing(so go watch the videos of me or pros playing! YouTube - PurgeGamers) or by playing yourself.

The last and best piece of advice I can give you is the reminder that DotA has a huge skill curve. I have been playing for about 3+ years. I have played THOUSANDS of games of dota. Every month that goes by, I think about how good I thought I was at dota a month or two ago, and it amazes me how much I’ve learned since then.

Dicks in pubs will tell you how pro they are and that their builds are the best. They are probably wrong, but THERE IS NO CONVINCING COCKY PEOPLE THEY ARE BAD. DO NOT ARGUE. Just know in your heart that with hard work you will someday pass their skill level, and that the greatest strength of ANY DotA player is knowing that there is always things to work on with your game play.

No one wants to play with cocky douchebags unless they are also cocky douchebags , so don’t condone the behavior if you encounter it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that my guide makes the entry of new gamers interested in the very competitive game of DotA less painful, more enjoyable, and filled with less frustration.