Tuesday, 12 June 2012

it's been ages since my last post ...today, i won't post any tips for game play, but i will share something.
As you all know that DoTA 2 has been released and it getting popular, but with the beta key and all, i'm not into that game yet ..hahaha ..still playing with DoTA , and recently i'm kinda addicted to League of Legend (LoL) ..it's kind similar to DoTA but with a different style of game play, different terrain and game mode. Although the graphic look kinda childish but it doesn't matter to me. As long the game is good to play, i will play it ^_^

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) now has a new mode of game play that is 'MidWars' ..aha ...yes, as the name of mode tell us already. It's a middle lane war only , that's mean 5 heroes will clash and battle only in the mid lane. Wow ...that's will be many epic and great war, as well as noob style play ..lol ...just saying ..

well ,that's all for now , for i'm kinda busy with my final year semester ..just a few weeks to getting my diploma finish ..huhuhu ...just drop any kind of comment or share some suggestion and idea, will reply it as soon as i can ..peace ^^