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Orb Effects Stacking

Orb Effects Stacking
There are certain skills that add bonuses or effects to the damage that they deal on an attack, some of those place certain indicators or "buffs" on the target (sometimes to deal damage per second or other timed effects), note that buffs are not always visible under the status bar

Blizzard imposed certain restrictions regarding the behaviour of these "Buff Placers"
probably for balance reasons

There are also other skills (which fall under the "Orb Effect" naming), which are based on abilities that were originally used on the "Orb" items in ladder Warcraft III. A restriction was also imposed on those skills because said effects were considered too powerful to be stacked (meaning bought in quantities to increase the effects), an "Orb Effect" skill may or may not be a buff placer.

Hence the two famous rules:
  • Orb Effects do not stack (you will only get the effect of one "orb" skill)
  • You can only place one buff per attack
Some effects aren't considered Orb Effects or Buff Placers, but are attack modifiers nevertheless, of which one good example is Cleave.
Melee Units
 (Melee)Critical StrikeBash
PlacePlaceChance EffectLifeleechPlaceOverrides on procBothBoth
[1] Else Slot PriorityLatestChance EffectLifeleech[1] Else Slot PriorityOverrides on procBothBoth
CorruptionChance EffectLatestLifeleechSkadi[4]BothBoth
IncinerateIncinerateIncinerateIncinerateIncinerateIncinerate[1] Else Both[1] Else Both
CorruptionOverrides on proc[4]BothSkadiLatestBothBoth
Ranged Units
OrbBuff Placer(Ranged)Critical StrikeBash
AlwaysAlwaysPlacePlaceCorruptionLifestealCorruptionCorruptionCritical StrikeBash
AlwaysOn ProcPlacePlaceChance EffectLifestealChance Effect overrides on procChance Effect overrides on procCritical StrikeBash
[1] Else Slot Priority[1] Else Slot PriorityOnly on the Bonus ShotLifestealCheck Note [2]Check Note [2]Critical StrikeBash
AlwaysAlwaysCorruptionChance EffectLatestLifesteal[3][3] if feedback was acquired later, else only OoVCritical StrikeBash
(Ranged)NeverAlwaysCorruptionChance skill overrides on proc[3]BothFrost AttackPoison AttackCritical StrikeBash
 (Melee)AlwaysAlwaysPlacePlaceFrost AttackLifestealFrost Attack (Melee Skadi)Frost AttackCritical StrikeBash
Single CastToggledNeverSearing ArrowsSearing Arrows[1] else [3]LifestealBothBothSearing ArrowsSearing Arrows
Auto CastSearing ArrowsSearing ArrowsSearing ArrowsSearing ArrowsBothBoth[1] Else Item[1] Else Both
Single CastToggled or CastToggled or CastArrow EffectArrow Effect[1] else [3]LifestealArrow EffectArrow EffectManual Cast: Will not Bash or Crit.
Auto Cast: If you got the item before leveling the skill then you will not Bash or Crit. If you acquire the item after leveling the skill it will override on Proc, but it will still consume Mana and show the projectile.
Auto CastArrow EffectArrow EffectArrow EffectArrow EffectArrow EffectArrow Effect
NeverAlwaysCorruptionChance Effect overrides on proc[1] else [3]BothPoison AttackLatestCritical StrikeBash
Other Attack Modifiers
(On Main)(Ranged)(Melee)Critical Strike (On Main)Bash (On Main)
Moon GlaivesNo AttackNo AttackMoon GlaivesBothMoon GlaivesN/AMoon GlaivesCritical StrikeBash
Split Shot/Flak CannonCorruptionChain Lightning on main target[1] else[3]BothBoth but Frost Attack only on main targetN/AIf the item was acquired during the skill's duration: only Poison Attack.
Else: skill + Poison Attack on main target
Critical StrikeBash
Splash from Elder Dragon Form Lvl 2SplashChance Effect on main target, SplashSplashBothSplashed Frost AttackFrost Attack + SplashSplashCritical Strike + SplashBash + Splash
Frost Attack and Splash attack from EDF Lvl3SplashChance skill overrides Frost on proc, Splash works all the time, if the attack has Frost it will be splashedSplash + FrostAllIf item first: skill will be splashed, else item SplashedFrost Attack + SplashFrost Attack and Splash attack from EDF Lvl3Critical Strike + SplashBash + Splash
[1]If the item was acquired (bought, picked up, received) before the first level of the ability only the ability will work
[2]If Weaver auto-acquires his target it will slow while Geminate Attack is on cooldown, if he is ordered to attack it will slow on every hit except the one before the extra attack.
[3]Only Feedback will work if the target unit has Maximum Mana > 0
[4]Both if feedback was aquired later, else last aquired.
"Place"Means: You will get the effect of the item in the highest priority slot. Order is (from highest to lowest): Top Left (1), Top Right (2), Mid Left (3), Mid Right (4), Bottom Left (5), Bottom Right (6)
"Slot Priority"Item overrides if it's in the Top Left Priority slot, else skill works
Arrow Skills when Crit procsMana will still be lost if the Critical Strike overrides the arrow effect
Critical Strikes and Bashes

A Critical Strike is a ladder-based ability that gives the chance to deal a bonus percentage damage on a succesful attack of the weilding unit.
  • Critical strikes are buff placers on the attack that trigger them, only for ranged units.
  • Critical Strikes deal the same Attack type as the attacker but with Damage Type Normal (Physical, reduced by armor amount and type)

When two Critical Strikes proc at the same time only the last acquired will work, a skill is considered acquired when the first level is learned, and an item is considered acquired when it's picked up.
The red number shown by Critical Strike is displayed before reductions (this is why images don't show very low red numbers)
A Bash is also a ladder-based skill that gives a chance to deal a fixed amount of bonus damage and stun the target for any duration.
  • Bashes are buff placers on the attack that trigger them, only for ranged units.
  • Bonus damage from Bash on a ranged unit will be added to the unit's damage and not dealt separately, this is why you can Lifesteal off MKB.
  • For ranged units Bashes deal Physical bonus damage (Reduced by armor type and amount) and magical stun (Blockable by Spell Immunity)
  • For melee units Bashes deal Magical bonus damage (Reduced by spell resistance and blocked by spell immunity) and physical stun (not blockable by spell immunity), the damage is dealt separately.
  • The stun duration of any bash will not override another stun duration that is longer (if try you stun someone that has 0.5 seconds of stun remaining with a 0.01 seconds stun yours will be ignored but the damage dealt)

When two bashes proc at the same time on a ranged hero only the last one acquired will work (stun and damage wise)
When two bashes proc at the same time on a melee hero they both deal damage and the longest stun duration is taken
True Strike
It's important to know that both Bash and Critical Strike are basically the same skill using different settings, Critical Strikes with a factor lower than 1.0x will not interfere with other Critical Strikes, and all Bashes have a factor of 0x by default (using 0x as a damage factor will make you deal 1x damage without the red number) , creating the interaction explained above. The ability True Strike from MKB is a good example of this, It uses the setting "Never miss" which makes it disregard evasion, blind and others,and it uses a 0x damage factor so it has no stacking issues with other Critical Strikes. True Strike will follow the "Bash" setting on the main table.
Bash and Crit Stacking
  • Melee Unit: A melee unit has no problem having a crit and a bash in the same attack (it might even have more than one bash, as explained earlier)
  • Ranged Unit: When a Critical Strike triggers in a ranged unit it will override all the previously acquired bashes and crits, if a Bash that was acquired after all the crit procs then it deals it's bonus damage and stuns normally (In this regard new Basher will always be considered the last acquired ability)