Tuesday, 11 December 2012

hello again. its been awhile since my last post .so for now I think it would be better for me to post a small post but in short time ,rather than i keep it in 1 load and post it a few month later. LOL

okay ...lately I've been playing league of legends and heroes of newerth. I maybe not the pro or best player there is , but I feel kinda frustrated when playing with some bunch of noob. I mean a real noob, that doesn't know how to support others or telling if there's any hero gone missing, and the most important thing is feed them.sigh. and from that will lead us to defeat.

I'm just like any other player who doesn't like to lose ,but not that I doesn't like to lose at all. it's a fact that in every game ,one side will lose and the other will win. For me, if I lose with dignity or with honour, it's fine with me. But if I lose with shame, then it will piss me off.

nonetheless, a game is still a game. I just need to improve more of myself. huhuhu ...but still future still need to maintain, can't play games all day long